Hayward ProLogic PL-PS-4 Display resetting


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Jun 20, 2016
I picked up a used Hayward PL-PS-4 with an AquaPod a few weeks ago and have been testing it out while waiting for my pool to be installed.. I wired it up inside the house just to see if everything worked and it looked good. I was able to connect it to a flow sensor, temperature sensor, etc.. and it all worked flawlessly.

Today I mounted it in the she and ran a 240V supply to it, wired up the input power for the display to a 15A breaker and powered it on. After a few seconds the display began to flash on and off... the backlight stayed on, but the number/text stays on. It's better seen in this video

The panel doesn't seem to be loosing power, and I haven't seen this behaviour when I was using it inside. Any ideas?

Display resetting video