Hayward ProLogic PL-P-4-CUL need to replace panel


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Jul 29, 2020
Question - I have ordered the Hayward GLXPLLOCP4 to replace the display panel on my Hayward ProLogic PL-P-4-CUL system.

I have read that to replace the display panel it simply pulls away from the panel and you disconnect 2 wires. Of course I will turn the power off. Two questions:
- Is it that easy to replace the display panel?
- Will there be any configuration that needs to be done especially with turning the power off and replacing the display panel?


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Aug 15, 2020
I just had to replace this myself. Yes it is that easy - turn off the power, pull it away and disconnect and reconnect. All the previous settings were retained so there was nothing else to do.


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Aug 18, 2015
North Kingstown, RI
Yeah, i've had to replace that stupid little control panel a couple times now. (Over)Paid the pool guy the first time, bought it online for half the price and installed in 5 minutes the second time. Shut off the breaker, remove the cover , unplug the harness and pop out the control panel. Pretty much that easy. It's not DOING anything itself, it's all on the computer board behind it, so this is just a remote interface. Annoying it doesn't hold up better, but I've had buttons go bad on one, display die on another. 3rd unit is holding up so far, but is only 2 years old now...