Hayward Prologic/Aquaconnect - am I doing it wrong?


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Feb 26, 2013
Austin, TX
I have Aquaconnect hooked up and the commands are sending correctly, but I've noticed that pushing buttons on the UI doesn't always do what I would expect. For example, if it's in pool mode and I push the "spillover" button, the UI changes to spillover briefly then switches to spa, at which point the valves turn to spa and the heater flips on - not what I want. It appears that pushing any of the mode buttons cycles through the modes rather than going to that specific mode, as if I were clicking the mode button on the Prologic box. Not exactly intuitive.

Also, when I click on "pool heat control" it takes me to the menu, just like the "menu" button further down. From there I can get to heat control, but I have to go cycle through the menu as if I were using the buttons on the Prologic box itself.

Am I doing it wrong, or is the Prologic/Aquaconnect just an awful design?


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Apr 2, 2017
Brentwood, ca
I have Hayward AquaConnect also and what you're experiencing is just how it works. It is by far the worst UI I have ever used, truly awful. If you connect directly using the IP address it a little more responsive but still pretty bad to use.

Simple things like being able to quickly change light color is just crazy, and yes, very unintuitive.

I'm on the hunt for 3rd party app or something equiv, I'll post if I ever find one.