Hayward Power-Flo LX Pump Impeller Removal Help


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Jun 10, 2018
North Central PA

I replaced the mechanical seal in my pump with a US Seal 1906 replacement seal this winter, after having twice replaced the cheap original style ones. Instructions said to hand-tighten the impeller when re-assembling. Today, when I started the pump, it just hummed; I immediately shut it down. I removed it to my workbench in the basement and dis-assembled it. The impeller could be turned by hand, but it was much tighter than I had left it. Holding the rear of the motor shaft with a screwdriver, I backed it off several turns until the impeller was no longer turning the motor shaft; it was simply unscrewing. I then tightened it 3 full turns. It was turning the shaft easily at this point, so I re-assembled it.

I plugged the pump in very briefly (for about one second) and it whirred normally, then stopped and began to hum. The impeller was once again very tight. So tight that now I can no longer loosen it from the shaft. Any ideas what's going on? Also, any ideas for getting the impeller loose once again would be appreciated.
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