Hayward PoolVac XL Problem with Leaf Canister.


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Oct 9, 2021
Phoenix, AZ
I’ve been using a Hayward PoolVac XL with a Hayward Leaf Canister for years. Just purchased a new PoolVac XL and installed with new hoses. It is connected to a suction port not the skimmer. Now the hose gets hung up on the leaf canister when it passes underneath and will not move from a small area. Never had this problem before. Same suction and speed is set on the new PoolVac as before. Any ideas?


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Are leaves your pool's nemisis or do they just cause problems in the fall?

Have you ever considered a robot? I ask because I see a new Hayward PoolVac XL is about half the cost of a good robot which also provides more features such as brushing your walls, and *not* needing a pump to run. Just plug 'em in to a power outlet.

Any chance you can return the new PoolVal XL?

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