Hayward pool vac ultra - tangled hose (with pic)


Jan 31, 2009
Plano, Texas
Hi all - did a search but didn't see anything exactly like this out there....

I have a Hayward Pool Vac Ultra (mixed feelings - 2nd unit - when it's good it's great, when it's not, I hate it).

Regardless, about 2 months ago, it started wrapping the hose into a know every single time it runs. I haven't broken it down completely to check the guts yet - but I assume that's the next step. I can't figure out what changed from the beginning of the season to cause this.

Thanks for any help!




Change the wings if they are worn, also check the turbine and make sure the bearings are still good.


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Apr 3, 2010
Had the same problem, one side was noticeably weaker than the other when running (put a hand under each side). Replaced bearings. All good now.

And, yes, when it's good it's great.