Hayward pool pump hums and turns off after 10 seconds only after being off overnight


Jun 4, 2020
New York
Hey all,

I researched on this topic and most cases it seems to be the capacitor or something clogging the impeller. I was able to open the pump basket and strainer, able to spin the blades in either direction so does not seem like its stuck. I am going to check the capacitor next but wondering would a bad capacitor cause a pump to hum and shut off after 10 seconds only in the morning after the pump has been shut off overnight? If I turn it on/off multiple times a day with a 10-15 mintue break, it hums and starts up right away without an issue. This just started this week and what I normally do is when it shuts off after humming, I will unpug and plug the pump back in and within seconds it will hum and start to spin the impeller blades. Its like I can hear the hum but either the impeller blade dont start to spin or maybe they are slow to spin and some timeout causes the pump to shut off or something. Mine is a hayward super pump and I believe, removing the 2 screws in the front should reveal the location of the capacitor right? The screws are rusted and a flat had screw driver is not working on it so any tips on getting this removed?

The one that I have looks similar to this: Hayward pump

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How old is your motor? Can you post a pic? The motor itself may have a thermal switch influencing things, but it still could be a capacitor. Cool-off period, temp changes, etc effecting reliability. Should be a couple screws at the rear holding the back cover on. Cap should be marked with its model number info so you could try a new one. They are fairy cheap, so easy DIY to try that before any other potential repairs. Sanity check @JamesW?


Jun 4, 2020
New York
Attached are the pics. I will try to use a socket or some other tool to take the screws off and report back. I am guessing Leslie's pool might carry it or I can order a similar one from amazon after I am able to remove it. I am not sure how old it is, I bought the house 2 years ago so never got a chance to ask the previous owner.


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