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Jul 16, 2017
I’m trying to configure my water feature pump speed. I can see where and how to set the min, max pump speed when feature is on, set the actual speed you want the pump to run at when feature is on, the pump to shut off when valve moves for the water feature, etc. my problem is, I set the config to have the pump run at 45% when the slide is on. My pump schedule is set to 60% during normal scheduled operation. I turn the slide on via app or on the controller board and the pump starts at 45% then within a few seconds it jumps back up to 60%. On the controller board display it actually shows the 45% setting, however on the VSP it shows it’s running at 60%. And it is running at 60%.
I have tried to config with the pump already running at 45%, save the config and it still runs at 60%. Config with the slide on and VSP at 45%, still runs at 60%.
How do I get it to run at 45%? Without manually adjusting the speed every time I turn on the slide.
Thanks for any help.
hopefully I’ve explained this good enough.
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Jul 7, 2014
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I am not a Hayward guy and don't fully understand how they operate, but most automation systems are similar in operation..

On my Pentair system, the pump will run at the highest speed it is being told to run. So, my guess is that since your normal speed is 60% and you want to drop to 45%, your pump sees both speeds and runs the fastest one.

You could test this theory by setting your normal speed to 45% and the slide to 60% and see if things ran ok then. If it did, then the fix would be to shut off the 60% before asking for 45%.

60% sounds like a lot to me... :scratch: I run my VS pump at about 1200 RPM, which is about 180 watts.. 60% has got to be more like 2,000 watts.???

Let's see if we can get some Hayward expert to chime in..


Jim R.
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Jul 16, 2017
Jim R, thanks for the response. I tested what you said and that works. I have to turn off the schedule and then turn on the slide, and it stays at 45%. Thanks you!

@60% my pump is running at 2,070rpm and 510 watts. I have a Hayward Ecostar SP3400VSP

Also, to anyone else that runs into this issue, on the Hayward App, once you turn anything on/off certain settings, heat, pump, water feature, lighting, etc., it gives you the option to create a “theme” based on your current settings. So that’s what I did. Once you activate the theme it shuts off and turns on whatever is needed
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