Hayward Omnilogic Firmware 3.0 and controlling an AquaRite SWG


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Jul 18, 2015
Bergen County, NJ
Anyone know the details of the "AquaRite converter board" that is apparently needed to allow an Omnilogic to control a separate AquaRite SWG. I have two SWG's in my system - one connected to the Omnilogic and the other connected to a separate Aquarite, which is powered on the same relay as my pool cleaner. It works OK, but scheduling can be tricky.

From the R3.0 Release Notes:

"The R3.0.0 version of the Omni Control Product supports Omni Direct lights, has the ability to discover and control an
AquaRite (converter board required), includes network diagnostic improvements, Spanish language support and
numerous bug fixes."


Nov 13, 2017
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I can’t comment on the AquaRite converter board but if you speak with someone from Hayward please ask them about the “Omni Direct lights” too. Like the converter board they don’t seem to exist outside of that document.