Hayward Omnihub - Additional Smart Relays


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Jun 25, 2012
Ive got a customer with a Hayward Omnihub (We didnt put it in - we normally sell Jandy controls). They have 2 smart relays now - one on their pump, and one on their lights. They want to add a sense and dispense chemistry control system which is compatible with the omnihub. The sense & Dispense module is RS485, so no issue there, but each one of the dosing pumps for the Acid and liquid chlorine feed systems needs an additional smart relay. Adding 2 more would put the system at 4 and all the literature I have seen states omnihub can only run 3 total relays - is that accurate? Has anyone tested that theory? What happens if you plug in a 4th relay - does it simply not recognize the unique address, or does it show up but start doing squirrely stuff.... 3 seems like a strange limitation for a modern control system when pretty much every system is going use 2 right off the bat.... Thanks - sorry if this is a dense question.


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May 3, 2014
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Let's give your question a bump.

I would suggest the customer reconsider the Sense and Dispense thing. Better off with a SWCG and a Stenner pump/tank for acid.
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