Hayward Microclear 48 leak


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Jun 20, 2016
Readington, NJ
I just opened my pool yesterday and I ran into a few issues. I managed to repair all of them except for one. There is a very small dripping leak on my filter where the multiport valve connects to it.

The leak is on a part that appears to be discontinued ( see and look at part 19 on this page Hayward Micro-Clear DE Filter Parts (Also sold as Leslies Crystal Clear II) )

I can buy a replacement O ring to see if that fixes the problem but if it is the discontinued piece that is leaking, does anybody have advice on how to handle that? I don't really want to replace a filter that is doing its job well over such a small leak. In reality I could probably leave the leak alone and never notice anything because it is so small. However, it is going to bother me and I want to fix it.

See the attached image (there is a large amount of water on the ground but that was caused by my mechanical ineptitude, not the small leak)hayward leak.jpg

Thank you for any help and advice!


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Jan 1, 2015
Kalamazoo MI
If nothing is cracked it's likely an o-ring.

If that's not the answer you could use some teflon tape on the thread or even some clear silicone to seal things up.