Hayward Maxflo VS SP2303VSP not powering up

Apr 4, 2017
Lodi, CA
Victory. I just spent the last hour fiddling with this and want to make sure nobody else has the same problem.

I'm installing the aforementioned VS pump and a new Hayward sand filter. Got to the point of wiring up the pump, redid all my wiring and conduit, all set up for 230v, flipped the breaker and nothing. What. Double checked all my wiring, got the multimeter out and made sure it was getting power. Everything is good. Double checked that I got the right pump, maybe they sent me one that is set up for 120v? Nope, it's the right one. Control board plugs are all in the right spot.

Then I notice this little jerk, the SW200 DIP switch terminal. I guess it tells the control board who it's talking to. The manual tells you what to set it to for all kinds of things except normal operation with the controller mounted on the pump, as design intended. I noticed mine was set weird, so I set it to what the manual says to for mounting the controller on the wall, should be the same right? Bingo! Fired right up.

So in conclusion, if your SP2303VSP doesn't power on when everything else seems to be hooked up properly, set your DIP switches to this. (the red thing with 5 white switches on the left)

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