Hayward HP50A1 - cracked exchanger


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Sep 16, 2019
Central Texas
I had a one season old heat pump taken out by the texas freeze earlier this year.

I self installed a bigger unit capable of heating the whole pool but need to find a home for the old one. Needs the heat exchanger replaced (capsule cracked), but in otherwise near perfect condition.

Anyone either 1) want it for free 2) know the proper way of disposal?

Located in ATX metro.


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Mar 30, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
If refrigerant side of the heat pump has not been breached (wholly intact), you can give it away and when repair is attempted the new owner will be responsible for having a refrigerant certified technician replace the heat exchanger. If the refrigerant side of the heat pump has been breached and the is no remaining refrigerant in the system, you can give it away or scrap it. If the refrigerant side of the heat pump has not been breached and you want to scrap it, you will need to pay a refrigerant certified technician to recover the refrigerant before scrapping it. There will be some scrap metal and parts value in the heat pump ( copper, aluminum, titanium, compressor, fan motor etc.) and you may get the refrigerant recovered for free if you are willing to give them the heat pump.
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