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Jul 5, 2021
New jersey
My hayward heater is in its 3rd season. I have it cleaned by service company upon opening. In April after opening heater would come on go off with a H5 . Since the pool is on the same 220 breaker as pool it would turn pool off . I had electrician check breakers snd isolated it was the heater . The service company came and said wires were getting wet and adjusted something. Note it seems to happen after it rains. Sunny weather no problem. Heater is still turning off now code is IF two service calls by different companies and they are sll stumped they are hayward certified . Again it only happens after raining once it dries it works . The service companies want to replace gas values , flow switch etc . Any thoughts from experienced folks on what the problem could be ?


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Mar 30, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
This may help to point you or the service technician in the right direction... http://www.haywardnet.com/pdfs/uhs-heater-troubleshooting-guide.pdf Realize that not all service technicians are as knowledgeable/capable as they should be. Parts should not be replaced randomly in attempt to solve a problem that you cannot diagnose correctly. You might try to find an HVAC company that uses "NATE" certified technicians that are willing to work on your heater. At least some of those companies should be willing to work on your heater as long as they have either the "installation/service manual" or the heater "troubleshooting guide".
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