Hayward heater - smells while running


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Feb 27, 2015
Grand Rapids MI
Hi everyone - looking for some guidance with a Hayward Heater H150FDN that I have. The heater seems to run fine in terms of heating at a correct pace. My issue is the smell it has when running. The exhaust smells terrible and not just right next to it when it's running. I can smell it from the other side of my house when running if the wind is blowing that way. I don't smell gas or that smell when the heater is off, but when running you can smell it as the wind blows towards you.

I have found some threads that people say it could be burning off oils, I'm well past that as it is 6 years old now. I've also read (can't remember where) that it could be a normal smell that comes out of the exhaust, but this feels different. People have commented on it when over as well and it is noticeable.

Any thoughts as to what it could be and how to proceed? The pool service company who installed says to call HVAC company, but no HVAC company will look at it. Pool company says they will come take a look if needed if I can't get HVAC. My question is, will the pool service company really know what to look for / fix?


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Mar 2, 2011
Possibly a gas pressure problem or possibly the internal insulation is crumbling and burning.

See if you can find a qualified gas contractor to check it out.