Hayward heater error code


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May 26, 2012

Have viewed site for a few years and decided to join so i can ask questions instead of looking for posts with similar problems I'm experiencing.

Opened pool last Saturday and heater showed LO error Code. Pool service company couldn't get it going referred me to heating company. Had to replace water pressure switch.

Today heater starts up ignites and then i get SB error code. Heater is running but can't use keypad.

Any advice or ideas are appreciated. I am pretty handy and can repair and troubleshoot if pointed in right direction.



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Jun 12, 2011
SB stands for stuck button. Per the manual "If one of the keypad buttons is closed (or pressed) for more than 30 seconds the error code will be displayed but the control will continue to function. The error code will be cleared when the condition is corrected."

FYI: Correcting the problem may require replacing the key panel which is very simple.