Hayward Heat Pump Questions


Apr 23, 2012
New to the board. I greatly appreciate anyone’s input into this topic.
Currently have a Propane pool heater (Jandy Lite2). Heat exchanger just went bad & this is the 2nd one in 4 years to go bad.
Considering buying a Hayward Heatmaster Heat pump & have a few questions.
1. It looks like current Hayward pumps are called Heatflo; so are the Heatmaster models outdated? Does it matter? The prices for the Heatmaster models are not much more than a 400k BTU propane H series heater by Hayward. Also Leslies Pools has free installation currently too
2. In the past, have used our propane heater intermittently to warm up the pool when we want to. It did it pretty fast. So never really noticed a big propane bill. Would running a heat pump continuously be much more expensive? Just trying to get some perspective.


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Feb 13, 2012
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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave:

1. Hayward's current heat pumps are called HeatPro.
2. Typically a heat pump will cost less in operating costs than a propane heater..but that depends on propane and electricity costs wherever you live.

Also, your location will dictate how well a heat pump will work for your pool. Heat pumps are most efficient in warm climates.


Apr 23, 2012
I live in South Carolina so I think my climate is pretty good for a heat pump.

Anyone heard of the hayward Heatmaster pump? Cant find anything about them. Same as the Heatflo??


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Nov 8, 2011
A propane heater will heat your pool in hours a heat pump will do it in days. That is the big difference. If your pool is inground with an aoto cover the heat pump is a good option but look for one that cools also.
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