Hayward Heat Pump Not Heating


Apr 25, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Hello. I have Hayward HeatPro heat pump, 4-5 years old. I noticed last night that it did not seem to be heating the water. It is running, but the water is no warmer entering the pool. No error codes or anything like that. All seems normal except no warm water. Do I have any hope of troubleshooting this or would I be better off just getting a repair guy in to take a look? Thanks for any help.


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Aug 10, 2012
FL panhandle
Have you had the heat pump serviced by an HVAC pro? It needs to be checked annually to make sure refrigerant levels, oil, amp draw and all the usual heat pump stuff is good just like home HVAC equipment. If not, then call your HVAC company and have them service it.
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