Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump Flashes error code LP


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Jul 20, 2014
Northern Cincinnati, OH
Through online searches this stands for Low Pressure but sounds like it can be caused by a bunch of stuff other than just a freon leak, like a bad fan motor, start capacitor, control board, etc., etc. Since I don't have A/C gauges, would like to try to cross off anything I can before calling a repair person. I was hoping perhaps someone could give me some pointers on where to start and how to test things if possible. I know on my house heat pump I could try to start fan capacitor by spinning the fan at start up, but my pool heat pump does not start up for a few minutes, so not sure when/how to test that. The model is a Hayward HeatPro HP11002. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Apr 30, 2007
Have had the same issue. You could just jump out the low pressure switch and see if it will start up. Don't leave it that way for a long time or you could cause some damage.


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Jul 18, 2013
Hopefully someone chimes in with more info .. What I can add is .. Mine went on the fritz this spring not heating and throwing LP code. Capacitor was the culprit. Luckily or unluckily .. it was only 1 season in use and was covered 100% by warranty .. If you know what to look for I assume it's an easy fix. Tech was in and out in under a hour.

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to add here's a data sheet I had saved from looking at my issue:



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Jul 20, 2014
Northern Cincinnati, OH
Thanks for the replies. So jumped the low pressure switch and it fired up, so that let me know the fan, capacitor and controls were fine and it was either the low pressure switch itself or it was low on refrigerant. I put a set of gauges on it and there almost no pressure (high and low sides) so it has some kind of leak. Not sure what could have happened. It worked this spring, but since then has sat with the power turned off. I do not mow/weed-eat next to it so not sure what could have happened.

I noticed this takes type R-22 refrigerant (6lbs) which that alone would probably cost a couple of hundred dollars in material, let alone finding/fixing the leak if possible. Wondering if this is even worth having someone come look at or if it is headed for scrap heap and best to just use the service call money towards a new one...


Aug 8, 2016
I opened my pool and everything was running fine until I got the LP error as well. Checked the system. skimmers are clean and this morning, it fired up again. Possible low pressure of coolant?


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Nov 30, 2019
Pawleys Island, SC
Experienced the same on my Hayward heat/cool pump. If air temp is too low, below 53F or so, the LP code will display. As soon as ambient air temp rose above that threshold the code cleared and the heat pump functioned normally. Normal behavior per the Hayward tech.