Hayward Heat Pro and water flow


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May 18, 2013
Needham, MA
So I noticed this season that my heater is requiring my pump to work at a higher speed in order for it to run. The heater is on its 5th season of use as is my filter and pump. Normally I would set my pump speed at 2250 and the heater would come on. This season I have to have the pump set at 2600. All of my baskets in the skimmer and pump are clear, valves are all open, and the psi on the filter has not moved at all if any since I cleaned out my filter less that a month ago at open. Is this normal for a heater of this age? Could it be the pump and not the heater at all? I plan to open the filter tomorrow and have a look inside and clean again once the weather is nicer, but the gauge does seem to be working so it doesn't appear to be dirty.


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Jul 6, 2011
Any number of reasons why this is happening. Age is not usually a factor as much as a dirty filter. Keep in mind that if you have one of the paper element filters, they only have a useful life of around 24 months, in my opinion. Sure you "clean" them but dirt and crud fills the pleats and over time the pleats never really get cleaned. If it's DE, then if you have not done your yearly break down and clean of the grids, it might be time to.

BTW, I usually recommend to my customers that when heating to run the pump 2500-2800 RPM.

I hope the helps and hopefully you can get back to lower speeds on the heating.