Hayward H400 Natural Gas Heater - Rusted-out bracket that temperature limiter mounts to


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Jul 4, 2020
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Hi, I'm a newbie here. I have a Hayward H400 natural gas pool and spa heater that is now about 14 years old. My kids wanted to use the spa last weekend but the heater was not coming on. Upon checking it myself, I saw it was giving the IF code - ignition failure. I changed modes back to pool, waited for the valves to turn plus a few minutes more, and then changed back to spa mode. Once back in spa mode I attempted to turn on the heater and it behaved as it is supposed to when there is an ignition failure - 3 cycles of ignition attempts and then posted the IF code again. I was able to smell the gas during ignition attempts and could hear the "whoomp" but there was no ignition.

I removed the front cover and was somewhat surprised to find that there was what I now believe to be a temperature limiter just hanging from its black and white wires, because the metal bracket it appears to have been mounted to was significantly rusted-out, the screw holes for mounting it were gone, as were the mounting screws. Much of the rest of the bracket is rusted-out as well although the rest of the inside of the heater and all other components look fine. This is the same bracket to which the manifold is screwed. The manifold is fine.

I don't want to replace the heater just for a rusted-out bracket, but in trying to look online myself I can't seem to locate it, don't know what it is called, and have no idea if it is even available. I stumbled through the Hayward site and some manuals and parts lists without success. I suspect the temperature limiter (if that is what it is) will have to be replaced as well because the tiny holes for the mounting screws (which are also missing) had their edges rusted-away. I guess it was barely hanging on because we used the spa and heater two weekends ago with no issues. It doesn't appear to me that the bracket itself is a vital component except for providing the mounting location for the temp. limiter. My questions are: is that bracket obtainable at a reasonable cost, and if so what is its proper name or part number and from where? If not, can I buy another temp limiter and just mount it approximately in the same general area by making my own home-made mounting clip out of sheet metal or a piece of aluminum? Any and all suggestions and input gratefully accepted!


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It's fine for the limiter to hang like that. That is really a rollout switch in case the flames kick back towards the front of the unit due to an obstruction on the heat exchanger.

The IF is mostly likely because you have a bad ignitor which is also the flame sensor. Sometimes you can clean them with steel wool and many times it just needs to be replaced. Remove the screw and the nut from the tope of the bracket to get the ignore out and look at it. Also, check whee it attaches to the system board. Make sue it is secure as well as the pod it is connected into. Many times that component goes disconnected from he board and you might be able to solder it or you might need a new board.
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