Hayward H300 pool heater


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May 2, 2017
Hello everyone I have been searching the forums for a bit to solve a problem I might have but can't seem to find it. So recently after multiple years I decided I wanted to use the heater again. It never really worked right and firing it up was a pain. So in order to get it started I had to get a new pilot assembly and thermopile because the other one was clogged and wouldn't light. So the pilot after installing will stay lit and the thermo pile creates about 500mV which is good. Now the main burners don't want to light for some reason and I know I can jump the terminals to try and get the main valve to open but when I do that I hear a click and then the pilot shuts off. Is this a bad valve? or is the system shorting somewhere, I replaced the pressure switch, temp limit switches and thermopile pilot assembly. Who thinks they know the issue, could the wires be bad possibly.



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Jul 6, 2011
Your jumping the valve incorrectly thus shorting it. If you use a jumper wire to jump the TH to the TR the valve should open and light the burners.
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