Hayward H100iD1 Propane pool heater


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Apr 17, 2018
i have installed a Hayward H100iD1 Propane pool heater, but it's not firing up. the fan is not starting and it wont ignite. I have it connected to two 100 Lbs. propane tanks with a regulator that has an outlet pressure of 11"WC and has a 160,000 BTU/hr capacity. I checked for Leakes and its connected to a 20 amp gfci outlet. all seems in order, but like i mentioned above, wont ignite. I did follow all the operating instructions that came with the unit. Please advise any suggestions. Thanks


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Jul 6, 2011
If the fan isn't starting then you have an issue with maybe the pressure switch possibly or one of the other safeties.