Hayward Goldline Aqua plus menu button no tworking on panel.


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Aug 10, 2012
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I cannot help with your question but hopefully a :bump: will help get an answer.


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Mar 2, 2011
Sometimes the buttons become unresponsive. The only fix that I know is to replace the display board.

GLX-PL-LOC-P-4 (Display, Local, AquaPlus)


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Nov 2, 2016
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In looking at your panel, it seems like it was hit with water at some point. I had a similar issue

This repair sort of comes under Murphy's Laws....go ahead and try it, if you break it you had to replace it anyway :)

Turn off the power to the panel

Remove SWG cord

Remove the 3 screws holding on the steel plate

Remove the display board (it sits on 4 nylon posts) and unplug (be sure to note orientation of wires, I don't think it was keyed)

Remove the screws holding in the pc board to the display unit and remove it

"button" pad will then be exposed, carefully peel back and look for discoloration/corrosion on the contacts

Clean carefully the pc board "contacts" with some q-tips dipped in alcohol

For heavier oxidation, try a pencil eraser but do not rub too hard - do not scrape with a sharp metal object or sandpaper

Clean rubber "button" pad with alcohol and let dry before reassembly

Power it back up and see how you made out

Here is a youtube video on cleaning the contacts for another piece of equipment to give you an idea how to clean the buttons, the principals are the same

How To Repair Remote Control Buttons That Dont Work - YouTube


Nov 15, 2009
I had this same problem. I could not turn the pool light on and off, or change clock and other menu settings. I followed your instructions and it is now working as good as new. Thanks to TFP, I saved $349 (the cost of a new display)!