Hayward GLX vs T cell difference - only warranty?


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Apr 26, 2014
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First, great forum spending lots of time in "school" area. New home, first pool. No luck on searches but forgive if there is a post. Have Hayward GLX 15 that is likely toast but will test. After reading info here seems T cell is better for the 3 year and swappable. I got the impression the T cell was better built. I Called Leslie Pool corp office customer service and made it up a couple levels. The gentleman claimed the GLX-15 and the T-15 were the exact same hardware and internals with the only difference being paying for the three year warranty.

Does that sound right? Also it appears the biggest factor in the longevity of the cell is proper maintenance and 3-5 years being an average life if maintained. Given the warranty is prorated anyway (1 vs 3 years) would it be a stretch to arrive at the position that IF you can properly maintain your pool, paying for the prorated warranty could be overkill as the low end average life is 3 years anyway? Likely I will do the T-15 cause I'm a noob but it was a thought.

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Yep, same hardware, different warranty. You pay extra to get the warranty coverage.

The largest factor in cell lifetime is how much you use them. The cells last roughly 10,000 hours of energized time. If you run at a high percentage setting or for more hours you use up those hours more quickly than if you run at a low percentage setting or less hours (all other things being equal). In effect, larger pools mean shorter cell life.


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May 23, 2012
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FWIW I try to keep my cell clean and my water balanced but don't always succeed, OK probably 80% of the time.
I have a large pool and am going to buy a new t-15 as last season I found myself having to raise my feed dial a bit so don't want to get stuck without one. I'm starting my 9th season but my season is much shorter than yours.
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