Hayward GLX CELl 15 W issues


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Jan 14, 2021
Lake Jackson Yexas
Having issues with my salt cell. Getting close to same voltage and amps on both polarities. Cell will only kick on for a minute. Then shuts off. When it does the check system light goes off and it reads ppm. When this started my salt ppm was super high all of the sudden. Does same thing when it start in positive or negative polarity. I’m think cell is toast. Any input will be greatly appreciated!!



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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
most cells will not work below 60 degrees so that makes sense that it is shutting off.. You will need to manually dose chlorine in the winter or when the water is below 60 degrees :)


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Mar 2, 2011
What are the first seven characters of the cell and box serial numbers?

What is the actual salinity and how are you measuring it?

You need to be really sure about the actual salinity reading.

You need to use a K-1766 salt test kit or a calibrated meter.

Go to the diagnostic screen, note the readings and then press the + button to reverse the polarity.

When the new numbers appear, see what they are.

Then, press + again and note the new readings.