Hayward Ecostar VSP3400 issue with Stalling after Prime Cycle


New member
Aug 9, 2019
OK, This is my first post and I'm new to the forum. I have read many many comments on this pump about the Error Pump Stalling.
Here is my situation, its a bit different - I haven't had any issues with this pump however recently I was needing to replace some of the seal for water leaks. And I also needed to replace the strainer housing as it was cracked. Upon disassembly I noticed the diffuser nozzle was broken so I ordered and replaced it along with the rubber O ring. After putting the pump back together and starting it up it goes through the prime cycle just fine, but once the prime cycle is complete the pump gives me a "Pump Stall Error". It resets itself then goes through the prime and startup again over and over with the same result. I also notice a high pitch squeal once the prime cycle is complete and it go to full duty. I have not replace the shaft seals as I cannot figure out how to remove the impeller so I have left those alone. Any help, ideas thought on this I would appreciate it.