Hayward EcoStar SP3400VSP Pump Stalled Error after 7 years - Replace drive or entire pump?


Nov 14, 2011
So I finally got the dreaded pump stall error on my Ecostar SP3400VSP today. Took the whole thing apart and cleaned it, put it back together, issue persists. It's been making funny noises in recent months so I figured it was on the horizon, and I'd started doing research on it and come across the horrendous issues people have been having with it.

Anyway, mine is almost 7 years old so I guess I have been 'luckier' than many.

My question is, do I do the $500 drive fix (can get it here in 48 hours off of Amazon) or is there a newer, more reliable model that I would be better putting the money towards? The pool is all Hayward automation so that kinda restricts things. Though with the Colorlogic light also going bad in recent months, pretty frustrated with their products to be honest.

Is there any evidence that Hayward have corrected the issue with these drives and they are less likely to fail now? What is the lifespan of the motor side of the pump, should I get plenty more years out of it? Once I cleaned it up, it seemed in decent condition.

Thanks for any thoughts/advice.


Nov 14, 2011
So as an update....

E-mailed Hayward, they got me to submit a warranty request. The nice lady in their warranty department offered me a brand new Tristar 950 at a discounted price of $729 + tax, which I believe is about $500 off the regular price.

Which given the pump was coming up on 7 years old, it is an improved model and would come with 4 years warranty if I had a pro fit it, I felt was well worth the additional investment. So ordered Monday PM, arrived Thursday, had a pro fit it Friday. The Pro was pretty sure it was the drive that had gone on the original also. She told me the drive issue has been resolved on these new models. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I have been impressed with Hayward's customer service. Additionally I mentioned to them that my Colorlogic Pool light has been on the blink for the last 6 months or so, and they're giving me a replacement as long as I have a pro fit it. Again, coming up on 7 years, so they didn't have to do that.

Hayward 👍


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Aug 10, 2017
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The tristar is a great pump. I also have an ecostar and the new ones are supposedly fixed. The lights are known problems nut some other brands have the issues too. Glad to hear Hayward is helping out that's great after 7 years