Hayward Ecostar not running


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Aug 16, 2013
Central Texas
I powered down the pump to do some plumbing changes and when it powered back up it will not start up. I can see on the control panel that it gets a set point but never spins up. I have tried disconnecting the automation control and running in local mode from the pump itself and it still will not spin up. There is no error on the pump. I have spun the impeller/fan and the motor feels free smooth. I have verified power on both phases of the pump.

I'm suspecting the drive is bad again as it was replaced a year or two ago when it was under warranty. My pool builder is currently moving locations so I do not have the exact date the service was done but the whole system was installed in the middle of 2013. I would think these pumps would last more than a couple years at a time before needing replaced but it doesn't seem so. Feeling kind of let down by this pump as any cost savings will now be spent replacing the pump.

I guess my question is, is there anything else I can check and what are the repair options to get this running again? Has there been any upgrades to the controllers in the last couple years?


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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX

I'm going to tell you like it is, from my own experience and research in "this pump".

FIrst, it should not be called a pump. It's a money hole. My install was done in 2015 and I have had 3 pumps replaced, 2 Drive/controllers and now still under warranty, Hayward refuses to do anymore. You cannot run this pump in variable speeds bc it's a flawed pump from an engineering standpoint. The VSD noise far surpasses the 4-6ma range that the DB 20amp GFCI breaker can handle, thus either flipping the breaker or builder up in the drive/controller and burning it out...you get errors the first 3-4 times, then the controller is dead. when you have Hayward, the most commonly used term in all of their LED's is "Error"...VSP Error, Drive Error, etc.. I have 10-15 diff pic's of error codes on my phone that I take when I see the remote flashing "VSP Error, Check System".

What you need to do is invest in another brand altogether- Hayward is horrible. Many people seem to have good luck w the Pentair VSP run at long periods on lower speeds. if you run this pump at one speed, then you'll have "better" luck, but it's still junk and why buy a VSP and pay $1200 to run it like a $400 single speed pump ??? If you do not believe me, go to Amazon and query this Ecostar 3400 VSP and look at the reviews...sort from lowest to highest ratings. Almost 45% are one-star ratings. Try buying anything w a 55% "semi" success rate and see how long your confidence will last. Hayward VSP's are JUNK !!!!

Anyone considering a pool and the PB only sells Hayward, RUN !!!!!!!!!! Do not invest in Hayward products, go else where. It makes sense to buy a lower quality brand [at face value] compared to Hayward bc even if it breaks at or near the same time, it's going to be a lot less to replace. My warranty is up soon and when it breaks again soon, it's gone for good.

Ask the folks here what's the best fit for your spec's and you will receive great advice...but NO HAYWARD !!!