Hayward EC40AC Filter, DE Leaking Backwards?


Jul 6, 2015
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
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Liquid Chlorine
So I have a question. I have an 18’ Coleman AGP. I installed a Hayward Perflex filter on it and precoated with DE. Over the winter some mice had gotten into the filter (on the bottom AND top were nests, cleaning the finger nest that was plugged with a winters worth of mouse Crud was fun let me tell you). It would appear my check valve was damaged by said mice, and I’m willing to live with it for now.

My question is, I can expect a little DE to leak to the bottom of the filter housing, but it’s accumulating in the vinyl hose between the pump and the filter. Isn’t the DE supposed to stick to the fingers? I don’t believe I overcharged it with DE. And again if this is normal I’m fine leaving it as is but it’s mildly concerning.
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