Hayward DE filters all plug and play?


Feb 26, 2019
Los Angeles
I remodeled my pool a couple years ago and did all new plumbing with a brand new Hayward 2" slide valve connecting to an OLD Hayward 48sf DE filter. The slide valve is currently plumbed to where the first port is about 12" off of the ground level, and the ports are about 5 inches apart.

I wanted to buy a pentair filter but I realized I would have to do a lot of plumbing work in addition to replacing my Hayward slide valve in order to install it.

My question is, if I get a new Hayward DE Filter in a larger size (72sf), is the mounting height of the lowest port going to be identical to the smaller filter so I can literally just disconnect my old equipment and connect the new without bringing in a plumber? Or does the plumbing and valve have to be reinstalled?