Hayward DE Filter Repair/Replace - Sand, Quad DE Cartridge, Keep and Replace Parts


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Apr 17, 2015
Tampa, Florida
I have a 15 year old Hayward Pro-Grid DE4820 filter. The filter has done well, but is also showing it's age. At a minimum, it needs a replacement valve assembly at this point. Also it seems like every 2 to 3 years, I am having to replace some significant portion of the grids - to the point that it makes more sense to just replace the whole grid assembly rather than a couple of broken grids.

As such, I am considering what my options are:
  1. Replace the valve and grids (again) on a 15 year old DE filter
  2. Install a new sand filter (e.g. Hayward ProSeries Sand Filter) with sand as the filter medium
  3. Install a new sand filter (e.g. Hayward ProSeries Sand Filter) with Zeosand or glass as the filter medium
  4. Install a new Pentair Quad DE Cartridge Style Filter
Right now, I am leaning towards installing a new sand filter but using glass as the filter medium.

Does anyone have any thoughts/feedback/experiences with the above options?

Thanks in advance.
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May 10, 2017
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The zeo is not as great as it sounds. There are a few people that do like the zeo, but it is not as simple as sand and requires using it correctly, I don't remember fine details but it's like you have to rinse it correctly upon install, and other things.

Instead of a fancy product, #20 sand works great and when your pool is clear, you add de to your sand filter through the skimmer and get the fine quality of filtration of de.

I can't comment on the sand filter v de filter debate, sand is simpler but has more waste water.

Always get a bigger size filter


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Jan 6, 2010
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I'm looking at a new filter in the next year or two as well. I will probably go sand, because I don't get a lot of debris so a sand filter should be plenty of filtration. and if not, I can add DE. I also get a lot of CH buildup, so backwashing is a plus, not a hardship. Backwashing a sand filter is about the simplest filter maintenance there is. It can be done one-handed, so you needn't even set down your drink. No telltale DE (or cellulose) in the gutter after a backwash can only be a plus.

For you, I'm not sure. A cartridge filter will probably filter just fine, and if you get rain in the summer, you probably already have to deal with CYA and CH reduction and won't like backwashing.

None of these miracle replacement filter media seem to do any better than the cheaper substances they are supposed to replace, in my reading here over the years. That said, I use cellulose, because it is biodegradable. The downside is, it biodegrades in the filter sometimes and becomes a gooey mess doesn't backwash well.