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Oct 4, 2010
I went to Warehouse pool supply to purchase a new relief valve assembly for the Hayward Stainless Steel Micro Clear DE 720S. SUPRISE THEY DID NOT HAVE IT. I was told to contact Hayward since it was "obsolete". I contacted Hayward and they finally replies today AND the no longer manufacture those replacement parts due to the filter being obsolete AND they have two suggestions. One. buy a whole new DE filter system which means spend a bunch of money.
2. see if you can find a pool supplier on line or phone local pool suppliers to see if they have any Old parts sitting around. Other than the relief valve I wanted to replace because it keeps eating the o rings there is nothing wrong with the filter and We have replaced the grids with no problems. Has anyone else had problems getting parts for this Hayward filter? :(


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Oct 4, 2010
Many discontinued Hayward parts seem to be readily available on-line.

The part you describe is probably the DEX360AR, but please double check the model and serial number with the supplier before you order.

Amazon is one source
Westside wholesale has the valve without the o-ring in stock
ipoolproducts has the complete adapter assembly in stock with free shipping
inyopool has most of the parts for this filter in stock
Poolandspa appears to have all the parts in stock
poolsinc has it in stock
mypool has good prices