Hayward Colorlogic 160 LED pool/spa lights compatibility advice


Aug 27, 2018
Colombo, Sri Lanka
I have some outstanding items on my equipment list, specifically LED pool/spa lights. My requirement is for two small IG concrete pools - one spa (hot tub type) and one cold immersion (plunge type). I need to know if these LEDs would be OK for use with local power here - 230V 50Hz?

For the first one, I also need it to be compatible with a NEO 2100 spa controller (set to 230V 50Hz). I have read that the
Hayward Colorlogic 160
unit works successfully (uncertain if its OK with 50Hz power).

For the second, I can run it off a dedicated transformer (again 230V 50Hz). I need to know if this Hayward LED would be OK with a 12V transformer such as this:

FYI I have also looked at the Pentair Globrite and CMP Brilliant Wonders LED units. I don't know if these are compatible with the NEO 2100, however if anyone has some experience with these I would appreciate some input. Many thanks!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Sorry you never received any responses. Not a lot of us have experience with international electricity standards.

I would think the manufacturers of the systems could tell you if they are compatible with your 50Hz system.