Hayward C1200 Locking Knob Replacement


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Apr 10, 2019
Hi guys, new to the forum!

Wanted to ask if anyone has had experience with replacing the knob on their Hayward filter housing. The female thread inside of the knob shank has stripped on mine and it can't catch on the tie rod.

I've looked around the forum but none of the threads seem to deal with the removal of the knob. I assumed that once the E-ring was removed, I'd be able to pull the knob shank up through the housing with ease. It seems to catch on a latch or some other lip on it's way out. I've tried prying the knob off, and tapping it out from the inside. It just won't lift out above a certain point (little less than an inch from being flush with the fiberglass)

Any insight greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: At first, I was going to refer you to MY THREAD, but I see that is of no help in your case since you obviously have access to everything. I've not yet had to remove the actual handle in its entirety - yet. Not sure if she's still online with us, but we had a member Hayward Pool who may be able to help. You might try PM'ing her (Elizabeth). If that doesn't work, try contacting InyoPools. They may know a trick since these filters have been around for quite a while. Let us know how it works out.
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