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May 2, 2018
Central fl
Hello. I am able to connect my Hayward equipment from a panel in my home but I’m wondering if there is a way I can do this from a remote or from my phone.

I heard about something from my PB but they want to charge 1k dollars and it’s not worth it.


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Apr 28, 2012
Newton, NC
I have had an Aquaconnect connected to my Prologic system for a couple of years...it was my Father's Day gift. Overall, I am quite pleased with it. I have instant access to all Prologic functions from any computer in our house. I can access all Prologic functions from my phone or tablet anywhere I have Internet access.

My 2 complaints are:

1. If I have to access my Prologic system through the Internet, there is a delay of about 3-4 seconds. Also, it only works through the Internet if Hayward's server is up. When I first got my Aquaconnect, there were fairly frequent outages. I haven't encountered an outage in the past year.

2. My other complaint is a more technical issue. The Aquaconnect will only work with a dynamically assigned DHCP address. It will not respond if you assign a fixed IP address to it using its MAC address. The only time this is an issue is if the Aquaconnect is disconnected from our home network and then reconnects with a different IP address. I then have to edit the shortcuts on our PC's to go to a different address for the Aquaconnect. Hardly a big issue...I've had to make these changes each Spring when we fire up the pool equipment and one other time.
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