Hayward Aquavac 500


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Aug 3, 2015
Simi Valley, CA
I know this topic has been brought up so I apologize for opening the can of worms but I need a push in one direction or another. I am going to get a robotic cleaner and am trying to decide which one. Here are my thoughts and I would like everyone's opinion.

  1. Hayward Aquavac 500 - I really like this vac. One of the pool guys who follows the TFP method on YouTube recommends this cleaner. I like the fact that there is a service center not that far from me. I like the big canister it has for debris and I like the fact that it has filters and not bags. I have also read that a lot of people like their Tiger Shark which is the same brand.
  2. AquaBot T2 - My father-in-law has this robot and loves it. I watched it work over the summer and it did a good job. I am a little standoffish about the bag but that is not a deal breaker. I cannot find a service center near me and that makes me a little nervous. However, a lot of people on this site really like AquaBot.
  3. I was thinking about Dolphin but I do not like the fact that I cannot buy it online without voiding the warranty as I can find it pretty well priced online. I also cannot find a service center near me.

You can tell from the above that I am leaning toward the Hayward but not many people on this site has chimed in on the Aquavac 500 and I would like to hear more from the forum.

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