Hayward Aquarite read all the threads. Tests out OK but no salt gen


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Jul 23, 2022
San Jose CA

I have read all of the great threads on troubleshooting my aquarite and I have installed a new T-Cell 9 yet have no salt generation...

76P(chages if I turn the dial)
AL-5 I do not have automation to the RS485 and could not change this to AL-0

PCB is blue model G1-0660120-1 on PCBA itself
white sticker G1-011056G-1

Troubleshooting done so far:

I have tested the transformer primary winding and resistance is OK
I have ohmed out the rectifiers forward and reverse with diode mode on my meter and all ok
20A fuse OK
I get 31.9 VDC on the red to black transformer secondary which matches the display
I get 12.2 VAC from orange pin to green ground on box as shown in troubleshooting manual - OK
I have 5V on pin 2-4 and pin 4 to gnd on the control/display pins and re-set the board
I have opened the PCB and there are no burned or cold solder joints
Have looked at and measured across the thermistor and it is fine (My model has the K4 across the thermistor)
Get 24V on the K1 and K2 relay tops
Have 5V on the T cell thermistor pin
T cell output pins 1-2, 3-4 are 0 V to gnd as no salt.

I cannot change from AL-5 to AL-0 and I do not have any automation connected to the RS485...

at wits end here...

Appreciate any advise other than to replace a recent clean PCB.



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Jul 23, 2022
San Jose CA
spoke to the Hayward tech. He tried to help trouble shoot by siwtch up to super chlorinate but it didnt work. He said he had never heard of the "stuck in AL-5" problem. Unfortunately looks like the board is out of warranty so back to Amaz for a new one...


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Mar 2, 2011
He said he had never heard of the "stuck in AL-5" problem.
It's not common, but it happens.

The screen attached to my blue PN G1-0661012E-1 (RevB / 1.58) PCB board flickered once when we turned it on the SWG. Ever since, it has been stuck on "AL-5" (it also reset the cell to T-5, but that I could change). I've been unable to change AL-5 to anything else using the diagnostic setting and toggling between Super Chlorinate and Auto. It just remains AL-5.

Does anyone know how to reset the board or change it off AL-5 now that it is stuck on? Thanks!

It looks like the main board is stuck on AL-5. I think that you're probably going to have to replace the main board if you can't get it to switch back to AL-0.