Hayward Aquarite Goldline with T-15 - Only Power LED on

Misha Vegas

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Oct 27, 2019
Las Vegas
Hi everyone,
new to this forum and quite new to pool operation as well, but willing to research and learn :)
I just installed a Hayward Aquarite Goldline salt chlorination system for my pool. I bought the unit at an auction, as a store return, so it might be faulty, perhaps even it is likely to be faulty, and I am trying to figure out how to diagnose what to repair... I have no warranty on the unit, but still might be able to return it to the auction warehouse if it seems to be beyond repair

Here are the symptoms:
(1) Only the Power LED is on, Generating does not come on; Superchlorinating does not come on even when switched on, and no other LEDs ever come on,
(2) the Output switch is set to 100%
(3) The cell has been tested at Leslie's, it works fine,
(4) The pool chemistry is good, salt is at 2900ppm (tested at Leslie's), temp at 62F... After I did all water chemistry steps, and finally added 400 lbs of salt, I've been running the pump for about 14 hrs straight
(5) Diagnostics works, it always shows zero for average and instant salinity, c. 33V for Cell Voltage, zero amps; cell type is t-15, correct.
I did the circuit board troubleshooting as per Hayward guide, all voltages seem ok and correct, the fuse has continuity...
I never hear any clicks for the relay switch when I turn the unit on, as mentioned in the forum, but then again the pump is loud, and I don't really know how loud should that click be...

Any suggestions about what else to look for would be appreciated


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Mar 2, 2011
What are all of the diagnostic readings?

The voltage looks OK. So, that's a good sign. But, something is keeping the box from trying to turn on.

Move the switch to OFF for a minute and then back to Auto and immediately check the readings.

Are you sure that none of the other LEDs are on?

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