Hayward Aqua Connect Connection Issues


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Sep 5, 2019
I have a new Aqua Connect for my eCommand 4 system. I'm connected and followed all troubleshooting guides but can't get the unit registered online or connect via LAN.
I can see the unit's MAC and assigned IP address on my network, but when I connect via LAN I get an endless loop of refreshing and no pool data. Also, when I try to register the unit online the MAC is not recognized. Anyone else with similar problems or suggestions for a solution?

I see this has happened before but did not see any solutions:


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Jun 19, 2020
Austin, TX
Hayward maintains a database of Gateway MAC addresses. If your Gateway's address is not in the database, you need to contact Hayward and have them add it. If you get no response from Hayward technical support, then my advice is to trade your Gateway for one which is supported.


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Jun 17, 2015
Are you 100% sure it’s connected to the RF antenna? What you described sounds like a unit that has not been paired to the main board yet.

sorry just saw how old this is