Hayward AQR-100 Opinions Please

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Feb 6, 2019
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Yes, we build pools using Hayward equipment. 95% of our pools are salt pools and we just started using the AQR-100 this year. If anyone has this system, please let me know your thoughts. I like to have A LOT of opinions when I present something as an option for our pool customers!

Edit to add: I'll be honest, we haven't used a Hayward salt system for over 5 years due to the horrible issues we've seen with the AquaRite. When we do an Omni Logic controlled pool, we DO use the T-Cell though.............as it's really the controller that seems to be the issue. If this turns into a T-Cell opinion thread, I'm OK with that too.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I do not have the AQR-100, but I took a quick look.. The manual says not to use on pool larger than 30K, but if you follow TFP recommendations of always buying a SWCG that is 2x the volume of your pool, that means that it is will not work on pool larger than 15K... I suspect that means at least half of your pool will not be able to use it... :scratch:

I'm not sure why you are not happy with the T-15 cell... One of the best SWCG's out there????

What is the advantage of switching to the AQR-100??


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