Hayward 26115vsp..help


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Apr 20, 2017
Some questions..purchased for aquasport 52 oval 15x24..what do you think..running sand filter and salt generator..my issue is can a plug be attached or does it have to be hard wired..thanks


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Jul 19, 2013
Bay Area, CA
From the 2008 National Electric Code (sorry, don't have the very latest version handy, so, take this w/ grain of salt):

680.7 Cord-and-Plug Connected Equipment. Fixed or stationary equipment other than an underwater luminaire (lighting fixture) for permanently installed pool shall be permitted to be connected with a flexible cored and plug facilitate the removal or disconnection for maintenance or repair.
This is further stated again in 680.21 Motors:
5. Cord-and-Plug Connections. Pool-associated motors shall be permitted to employ cord-and-plug connections. The flexible cord shall not exceed 900 mm (3 ft) in length. The flexible cord shall include an equipment grounding conduc- tor sized in accordance with 250.122 and shall terminate in a grounding-type attachment plug.
Of course, don't forget about 680.22:
B. GFCI Protection. Outlets supplying pool pump motors from branch circuits with short-circuit and ground-fault protection rated 15 or 20 amperes, 125 volt or 240 volt, single phase, whether by receptacle or direct connection, shall be provided with ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel.