Hawyward 1500 , RS1500 two speed pump replacement

Hi All!

Thank goodness for this sight. It's helped me a lot in the past and I wanted to see if I could get some more advice now that i'm having another pool issue. My pool pump stopped working :(. I think it's the start run capacitor as it was making a buzz like it was going to work and then just stopped buzzing completely. I haven't taken it off yet to start checking with a multimeter, but I thought maybe now would be the perfect time to replace my pool pump with a more energy efficient one. The current pump is a Hayward 1500 (Model: RS1500) 1.5 hp pump. I've done some reading but i'm not quite sure what the best option would be here:

1. Test the capacitor and just replace the capacitor (if that's really the problem).

2. Replace just the motor? Is that possible? From what I read a two speed motor seems to be the most economical choice. Is there any suggestions on something I could buy and fit onto it? Would only a certain type of model fit my pump?

3. Replace the entire pump?

Any advice?

Thanks a lot,