hawkeyes test results


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Jun 27, 2009
hello everyone thanks for all the help with my conversion! i have had clear water all year this year after switching from baquacil last year..here are my lastest test results from tonight when i got home from work where do i want my ch and ta levels heres my results from 10 min ago

fc 5.0
cc 0.0
ph 7.9
ch 110
ta 130
cya 50
temp 82


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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
Bring your pH down to about 7.5-7.6. It's a touch high at 7.9.
Calcium harness is fine. You dont even need that in a vinyl pool. TA is ok. A touch high. Thats probably the reason the pH is a tad high. But dont worry about it the TA. Just get the pH down a bit with some muriatic acid. Use the pool calculator to detemine how much. Add half the amount, wait an hour and test again.

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