Having prob opening pool--do we need new filter???


Jun 4, 2010
This is our first year opening our pool and we are having a terrible time with the filter. I don't believe it was well taken care of previously but was working for the two months we used it last summer. My husband has thoroughly cleaned it---several times! The pool is clean, the water tests great. So he just finished cleaning the filter and put it back together, algae is all gone so we thought we were done! He added fiber clear, it clouded up the pool immediately and the filter pressure zoomed up to 20--it usually runs at about 10. This is the fourth or fifth time he has dismantled the filter and cleaned it with a hose--thinking he added too much fiber clear on an older filter, we tried again with less. If this matters, there are air bubbles coming out of the jets, no leakage at the filter. Do we just need a new filter? What are we doing wrong? Thank you!!!


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Jun 28, 2009
Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately I'm not able to answer the filter question, but I bet someone will be along soon who can. Help them help you by including some information about your pool so they can tailor their advice to your specific situation. Here is some of the recommended info to include if possible (full article found in Pool School under "Read this Before You Post". Again, welcome, and good luck!

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2) The type filter you have (sand, DE, cartridge)
3) If your pool is an AG (above ground) or IG (in ground)
4) If it's IG, tell us if it's vinyl, plaster/pebble, or fiberglass
5) If you know, tell us the size pump and the size (flow rate) of your filter.

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Jun 4, 2010
Our pool is 16' x 36', 20,500 gallons, we have a hayward super duty pump with a hayward ec75 filter (DE) and we just converted to Baquicil. We live in Massachusetts, pool is an inground with vinyl liner.

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