Having issues leveling ground for new pool.

Apr 18, 2012
This is my 4th AGP, but only my second in this location. The previous pools have all been intex the one that was previously in this spot was an intex 22' ultra frame that I've had for 4 years and was left up year round and covered in winter. This year I decided to upgrade and purchased a 21' Saltwater Lx from The Pool Factory.

So this week I took down the old intex to start prepping for the new pool. The ground was never as level as i wanted it , but nowhere was it over 1" off. More than anything the ground was not smooth having many large (fist size and larger) holes/variations throughout the bottom. So after removing the old tarp from the ground I find our west Texas dirt/sand has turned into like a sandstone rock under the weight of our pool over the last 4 years. Making it impossible to smooth out and level like I had intended.

My plant was to just to smooth out and level the existing ground with a long board like I originally did, but get it perfect like I should had the first time. Then place the 3/4 foam boards for my new pool bottom. But the ground is like a rock and the top layer has to be almost chipped away.

So my question is what would you guys recommend me doing. I am thinking just bringing some dirt in and just releveling new layer on top of what is now there. I have also considered tilling and releveling the dirt that is now there. Other option I'm thinking, but don't really like because it's another expense is getting some crushed rock and leveling on top of existing surface. If you have any other suggestions or think one would be better than another please let me know. I am kind of unsure what option would be the best. Thanks


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Apr 17, 2010
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If your existing ground is level within 1" and as hard as you say being compressed and compacted, I'd look into adding a small amount of the crushed rock and compacting it as well. There is a particular kind that is recommended. A quick forum search should turn that up for you.