Having issues getting pool math app set up on phone...


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Sep 26, 2012
I went thru and answered the questions.. I can't see how to finish the set up... to get to the calculator? help appreciated..


May 22, 2020
Philly Area
there was a disturbing glitch when I got set up on my phone in that it put my PASSWORD in where my Zip Code should have been. I went in and manually changed it to the zip but I have never had that happen in any app and it was a bit of a shock. double check your zip code if you're a new user. The app should really need to ask for Location services, IMO. Zip is enough.


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Jun 21, 2016
Leamington, Ontario, Canada
The app only asks for location if you choose to use the feature which helps find your zip code for you. It only uses the location once to reverse geocode a zip code from your location. You can manually enter your zip code instead and not have to enable location privileges.