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Jun 18, 2020
Just wanted to show my appreciation to this group for all the help that has been provided to me over the past few weeks. Shortly after moving into my current home in early June 2020 I found myself losing a battle with my pool. I haven't been around pool maintenance since I was very young and I quickly learned I was in over my head. I spent quite a few trips and more money than I'd like to admit running to the pool store looking for answers. Each trip seemed to get more and more expensive so I started trying to fix the problem myself by doing some research. After finding TFP and looking at the very consistent advice that was being shared I decided it had to work. One Taylor K-2006C test kit and a full on Yellow Algae slam later I am now proud to show off my sparkling pool. The pics below show the progress made in just under a month. I appreciate all the help this group has provided me and look forward to sharing and helping others moving forward. Enjoy your pools folks!

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Fantastic. You did a great job!
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