Has taken quite a bit to finally get the quote. Will probably have to do OB now.


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May 4, 2021
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Seriously dismayed as to how unreliable and uncommunicative PBs in my area are.
I did like the design I got and will be building that pool (pictured)
What should I change about the equipment?
General Information
Pool Length and Width 47’6” x 24’
Pool Perimeter 144 Ft.
Pool Area 800 Sq. Ft.
Spa Size 10 x 7 58 Sq. Ft.
Spa raised above Pool 12”
Pool Depths 3-1/2 x 10 feet deep
Pool Volume 36,000 Gallons
Decking 1050 Sq. Ft.

Pool, Spa and Deck Features

Decking Pattern Concrete Pool Bench 16’ Total
Sunshelf Included Volleyball/ Umbrella Anchors Included
Bubbler on the Beach 1- Included (we asked for 2)

Pool Surfacing
Coping Travertine
Water Line Ceramic Tile ( $7.00 Sq. Ft. Allowance)/ Travertine
Plaster Pebble Tec or Sheen (Level I )

Pool Equipment
Filter Type 520 Cart. ( Pentair Brand)
Filter Pump 4x160 “Whisper Flow” (Pentair Brand)
Heater (400000)BTU Propane
Auto Cleaner Pump ¾ HP Booster (Pentair Brand)
Auto Cleaner Polaris 280
Pool Lights (3)Color LED Lights
Spa Light (1) Color LED Light
Chlornator Pentair Salt System
Controller Easytouch 8 with a Screen Logic
Spa Blower 1.5HP
Spa Control Wireless
Automatic Auto Fill Float System

Plumbing Specifications
Pipe 1 ½” to 2.5” Schedule 40 PVC Solvent Weld
Separate Lines For Each Skimmer and Main Drain
Valves Pentair
Pools Drains (2) Anti Vortex Drains
Spa Drains (2) Anti Vortex Drains
Spa Jets (6-8) Hydro Aire
Skimmer (3) Per Plan
Pool Returns (6 to 8) Directional Flow
Pool Overflow Included

Structural Specifications
Gunite Rebar 1/2” – 9” x 9” O.C.
Bond Beam 4 – ½” Continuous
Gunite Structure 3000 PSI Gunite (6 ½ Sack Mix)
Walls 7” Minimum Thickness
Floors 7” Minimum Thickness
Coves 8” Minimum Thickness
Bond Beam 12” Box Style
Deck Dowels Every 3 Feet
Electric Lines and Wiring of pool Included
Gas Line to Heater Not Included
Pool Fill Line w/ Anti siphon Valve Included
Pool School Included
Construction Clean Up and Grading Included
Landscape Replacement Not Included

Maintenance Kit
Pool Pole Included
Pool Brush Included
Leaf Net Included
Vacuum Head Included
Vacuum Hose Included
Start Up Chemicals Included
Spa Vac Included


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Jan 17, 2012
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Oooooh, I *love* your pool already- 10 foot depth?!?!! I LOVE IT!!!!

-You need to confirm which model of pump the PB is planning. There are a few we advise folks to avoid like the plague.

-Stay away from Globrites if that is the LED planned. Go for Microbrites instead. Globrites have annoying failure rate and propitiatory niche which makes it difficult to change type of lights when you get tired of Globrite failures.

-Ditch the Polaris and extra pump which uses far, far more electricity than necessary for poor-ish cleaning. Go for a robot! Cheaper and far better. Look at these-
Buy separately from pool builder- we know where to buy for less, just ask!

- Get a salt water cell that rates at least 2x the volume of your pool.

- Ask them to use Jandy never lube valves which can be serviced instead of needing to be cut out and replaced.

Maddie :flower:


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Jul 21, 2013
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Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
I have been looking at those valves.. Where would a 2 way be used and where would a 3 way be used?

2 way valves give you finer individual control over the flow in a pipe. With 3 way valves you are always trying to balance two flows.

It costs a bit more in valves to use all 2 ways then 3 ways. So 3 ways are overall less expensive and make it easier for the plumber to also use it as a T.


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May 4, 2021
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Ok. Im officially and Owner Builder now. Working on getting my gear (the Pool supply business does not handle itself like other businesses) and having to hunt now.
Currently on deck for my in ground gunite pool are:
2 main drains - looks like 8" drains connected to 2" pipe
2 skimmers - was looking at the Pentair Bermuda Cement 2" - read that I dont have to use the equalizer.. still on the fence on that option
Was thinking about a hot tub skimmer.. Not sure if that is needed since our tub will spillover into the pool (12" elevation)
Wanting to get jets for the hot tub but it seems most dont do that and instead just add blowers for bubbles and I was thinking water and air into jets for hydrotherapy would make way more sense. Am I crazy?
2 drains for the hot tub? I dont see smaller ones so I am leaning towards a long channel style drain.
Considering the Pentair Automatic Water Filler with Fluidmaster Valve | White | T40FW our pool will be fed by a well we are having installed. figure this way it will always be good.

Placing an order this weekend for gear that I can find.. I need the skimmer and drains right away since I will need them after Rebar is done so I can get everyone plumbed and stubbed out and ready for gunite.

From what I have seen, for the lights (people here say the Microbrites are the way to go) you just use pvc for the sub out and then feed the power lines? Im going to order some to see how they connect.
Am I missing anything? Open to all suggestions.. My trackloader and trencher arrive in the morning.. Should be a fun weekend!

(now yall are see the why the I have the name...)


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May 4, 2021
Crockett Texas
Made some purchases and have a hole in the ground now..
Pentair UltraTemp Heat and Cool Pump | 140K BTU Heat | 80K BTU Cool 230V | Titanium Heat Exchanger | Digital Controls | Black | 4609591
Pentair Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator | 60,000 Gallon Complete System | IC60KIT1
Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter | 520 Sq. Ft. | EC-1603321
Pentair Intellichlor Pass Through Cell for Winterizing | 5205881
Pentair Deck Jet I with Interchangeable Eyeballs Assembly | 5800005
Pentair IntelliFlo VSF Variable Speed & Flow Pump | 3HP 230V | 0110561
Pentair IntelliCenter Complete Control System | Common Load Center with i8PS Personality No Salt Transformer or Cell (2 IntelliValves) | 5219041
Pentair Intellivalve 13 LED 24V Sealed Valve Actuator 180 Degree Swing | UL Certified | 5214851
Pentair MicroBrite Color Pool and Spa LED Light | 12V 100 ft Cord | EC-6204256
Pentair Automatic Water Filler with Fluidmaster Valve | White | T40FW1
Custom Molded Insider Gunite Wall Fitting 2" x 1-1/2" Fip | White | 25524-200-00020
Custom Molded Products | 2" SCH80 CPVC Union Male Adaptor | Set of Two | 21063-200-0003
Custom Molded Products 2" Spa Master Wave Design Gunite Jet | Vortex Internal | Stainless Steel - White | 25591-150-0004
Custom Molded Products 2" Spa Master Wave Design Gunite Jet | Double Roto Internal | White | 25591-130-0004
Custom Molded Products 2" Spa Master Wave Design Gunite Jet | Massage Internal | Stainless Steel White | 25591-140-0004
Custom Molded Products 2" Spa Master Wave Design Gunite Jet | Directional Internal | Stainless Steel White | 25591-110-0004
Custom Molded Products 2" Spa Master Wave Design Gunite Jet | Single Roto Internal | Stainless Steel White | 25591-120-0004
Custom Molded Products 2" Spa Master Gunite Jet Body Assembly with Niche | 25580-290-00014
Jandy Pro Series Neverlube 2"x2.5" Positive Seal 2-Port Valve | 47165
Jandy Pro Series 180 Degree Spring Check Valve 2"x2.5"| 73051
Jandy Pro Series Neverlube 2"x2.5" Positive Seal 3-Port Valve | 47175
AquaStar 8" Sump Bucket with Super Low Profile Anti-Entrapment Cover with Riser Ring | White | LP8SBWR1012
AquaStar 32" Channel Drain with 3 Port Sump/Flat Grate Anti-entrapment Suction Outlet Cover (VGB Series) | White | 32CDFL1011
Hayward Spa Air Blower | 2 HP 230V | SPB2021
Infusion Pool Products Venturi Return Fitting | Threaded 1.5" Inlet | White | VRFTHWH8
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