HardPiping AGP with aqualuminator


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After 2 hose pops and 2 broken hoses in the last week I will hardpipe my lines in the next 2 weeks. I have ordered the pentair adapter to convert the light fixture to a 1 1/2 connection

So here are the questions if I may

1'st my filter does not line up with either the skimmer or return, should I move it or just add a few turns. If I move it I would it be beneficial to line up the return or the skimmer? It is just a pain to think of moving it.

Since the hard plumbing adapter is a slip joint I guess it is called that I have to glue, I figured I would glue a section of pipe to it, not sure how long to make it, maybe a few inches since it will be permanent at that point and I don't want to disassemble the pool if I spin the light off. I am not sure how far off the wall the valve would sit so I may need to pipe to the ground Since I am looking for simplicity and reusability, I will probably put unions all over the place. But the pipe I propose coming off the return with a valve, should I glue a threaded male on the end and find a threaded valve? Or is it more better to glue everything vs threaded?

Now what I like to do is this, pipe the skimmer in, no brainer unless I move the pump.
Pipe in the pump to filter head, only concern is L Fitting on filter does not tighten at a 90 so I have it tuned up 1/8. But I guess that is what silicone is for.

Return from Filter.

I want to pipe in Chlorinator that I use once a year, would it make sense to put a T on the return and have the chlorinator with a shutoff Valve on the T Side, I assume a Shutoff on the Straight side of the T too, sounds like overkill unless I just keep the chlorinator inline with unions unless it will restrict flow.


Also, Valves and unions, am I better buying from a pool store or Lowes? My concern is the different sizes since I am not sure who makes the pool store ones. MY existing shutoffs are unions but they have hose barb ends, can they be reused or is it better to start new?

I attached a pic of my filter to determine if I should move it or not[attachment=0:3n0lhgzh]0706121010a.jpg[/attachment:3n0lhgzh]



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Sep 13, 2011
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I am not sure how your plumbing is set up, I know mine was very difficult. Mine is a Doughboy and only one spot on the filter was I able to use a union. I attached pic of my set-up, not sure if it will help you. On my return line, I put a coupler in to make it easier to assemble and tear-down for winter, and also, I have a channel for rainwater to go through there, so my PVC would have been riding up in the air for me to step on and break, but with the coupling, I am angle it slightly to math the slopes.

As far as parts go, the pool store will charge 2x as much for unions and such. I would only go there for specialty parts specific for your pool if a box store part does not work!!

I still had to use clamps around my skimmer and return, but they are much more secure now with the plumbing set-up I used. The clamps are 1000% better than the gear style most commonly used.


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Ok, that time of year again. I have secured all the PVC pieces I need plus some to hardpipe my pool. I am having a few questions that I will try to elaborate on. First for the aqualuminator I bought the hardpipe adapter which converts the light fixture to 1 1/2 PVC.

Looking for opinions, I realize in the end it will be all me, but if you could do it again, I appreciate your input what to be concerned with.
Once I glue the aqualuminator adapter to the pool return, should glue a slip/male threaded, ship/union, slip/shutoff valve. I am leaning towards a slip union or a threaded union but that would mean I have no flexibility if I screw up. Friend recommended putting shutoff valve right to return and break it apart for winter. If I do the union I can put the shutoff on the ground. I don't want to get stuck and have to buy a new housing if I ever have to replace a valve/union if they are slips, but the threaded adds an extra connection

Now I have a chlorinator that is used for vacations only, I was thinking if I went with the union up top, I could put the shutoff valve directly to the chlorinator on pool side. On Pump Side I would hard pipe to a union about 8 inches off of my filter to allow room for the pump to filter flex pvc line that is still there. this would allow me to break the line there and unthread it form the pump if I needed to mess with the flex pvc.

Now I have gluing/primer, good there. For threaded fittings, bad luck last year and no longer want to use Teflon tape. I picked up some Blue Monster PVC Non Hardening thread sealant. Would that be sufficient alone? Does it come undone for reassembly easy enough if need be?

Also, I siliconed some threads last year, but to clean them up other than peeling, anything that you would recommend?

Lastly how soon can I turn the filter on after gluing everything? I heard from 10 minutes to 24 hours.
I am looking for max flexibility, and ability to take in my plumbing for the winter when I disassemble,